Security Tool As a Service

Want to start your cybersecurity company? We build various analysis tools for you.

Expertise on Cybersecurity for Decades

We are one of the finalists in the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge.

Next Generation Analytics Engine

Our Analytics engine, backed by our publications in top security venues in Usenix Security, NDSS, CCS, etc., is powered by the state-of-art static & dynamic analysis techniques, and deep learning techniques.

About our company Innovate The Analytics For Securer Cyberspace

DeepBits, headquartered in Riverside, CA, is revolutionizing the way companies build cybersecurity solutions. It provides the fundamental security analytics tools for customers. This reduces the R&D expenditure and lowers the entry bar for the increasing cybersecurity market. With the lowered entry bar, we anticipate that more innovations will be put into practice more quickly to make our world securer.

In 2017, Dr. Heng Yin (Founder) and Dr. Xunchao Hu (Co-founder) start DeepBits at Riverside, CA. The team has worked on cybersecurity for decades and built many renowned open sourced tools like TEMU of BitBlaze, DECAF, DroidScope, etc. They expect to help customers with the knowledge on cybersecurity analytics techniques.

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