About Us

Our Team

DeepBits was founded by a group of guys from academia with deep knowledge in binary code analysis techniques. Those guys have been conducting top-notch research on cybersecurity analytics for over ten years, and published their work on top tier cybersecurity conferences like CCS, Usenix Security, NDSS, etc.. They are also a finalist of Cyber Grand Challenge.

Our Mission

DeepBits aims to constantly innovate the analytics techniques to free cybersecurity professionals from tedious manual work.

Short History

We are young, but we are growing fast.

  1. Born

    Deepbits' office was opened at ExCITE, an incubator located at Riverside, CA

  2. ONR Award Earned

    Deepbits earned an award from Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop end-to-end late-stage binary customization system.

  3. SBIR Award Earned

    Deepbits earned NSF SBIR Phase I award to develop extensible and customizable binary code analytics engine for malware intelligence.

  4. Dr. Binary launched

    Deepbits launched product Dr. Binary, used to identify vulnerability, malware and code plagiarism in software assets

  5. DeepDi launched

    Deepbits launched product DeepDi, a fast and accurate disassembler powered by AI.