Binary Only

No source code needed for analysis.

Genetic Analysis

Build DNA for every piece of code, and effectively lookup code reuse in a large code base.

Finest Granularity

Analyze the code at finest granularity, and discovery more threats that cannot be found before.

Cross-architecture Support

Support popular architectures like X86, mips, ARM, etc.. and designed for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.

Prompt Response

Get the analysis results within minutes or faster. Reduce the manual analysis time from days to minutes.

One-stop Solution

Find the vulnerability, malware and code plagiarism at Dr. Binary one place.

Want a bite? You're in the right place!


More to Discover

More possibilities with our next generation binary code analysis platform powered by latest deep learning techniques

Vulnerability Discovery

Software contains packages, libraries, or modules made by third parties, and these third-party components may again contain components from other sources. Traditional version-based vulnerability checker will miss the vulnerabilities that are deeply embedded. Dr.Binary examines the code of software at the finest granularity. It can find the most hidden vulnerability even when the vulnerability is statically linked.


License Violation

Dr.Binary decomposes the binary code to identifies packages, libraries or modules, and find the potential license violations.






Analyze 30 files per month
Max file size: 1MB
Personal use only


$ 99.99 /mo


Analyze 300 files per month
Max file size: 10MB
Private analysis
Personal use only


$ VAR /mo

Analyze more files per month
Max file size: Unlimited
Private analysis


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