Binary Only

No source code needed for analysis.

SBOM analysis

Generate software bill of materials for every program in docker images, VM images, etc.

Vulnerability Detection

Identify the most hidden vulnerabilities even when they are statically linked.

Malware Detection

Identify malware and their families via code reuse detection for quick investigation

Misconfiguration Detection

Check if your docker images are configured correctly.

Suspicious Behaviors Detection

The Container Sandbox runs your docker images to capture any suspicious behaviors

Multiple language support

Support programs developed by C/C++, java, Golang, Rust, JavaScript and Python.

AWS Integration and more

seamlessly integrate with your clouds and analyze docker images, VM images without just several clicks.

Continuous Monitor

Constantly scan your watched services against new threats and alert you when new threats are discovered.

Use Cases

Container Security

Analyze docker images to find malware, vulnerabilities, suspicious behaviors, misconfigurations, etc.

Continuous Cloud Security

Build SBOM for your cloud services and use it to manage known and new threats of your cloud services efficiently.


Integrate Dr.Cloud into your products or workflows to exploit its powerful code AI capability to build innovative cybersecurity solutions.

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