Analytic Tool Chain For Binary Code

Fast and Accurate Disassembly

DeepDi unleashes the power of deep learning and GPU for disassembly and is 100x faster than state-of-art with better accuracy.

Efficient and Scalable Code Correlation

Dr.Binary employs deep learning to correlate binary code with known malware, vulnerabilities and other known threats at function level or whole binary level.

Effortless Expertise Share and Collaboration

Annotate the binary code with your expertise and store it with Dr.Binary. Dr. Binary can help your team members analyze similar code by sharing and searching your annotated code.

Latest and Sophisticated Threat Knowledge Base

The Finest Threat Knowledge

We provide function level information (e.g., vulnerable/patched function) for every known threat.

Annotated Vulnerability & Malware

Our expert team analyzes and annotates the latest vulnerability and malware. And share the knowledge with our valuable customers.

Customizable Knowledge Base

Still not enough? Build your own threat knowledge base with our user-friendly tools.

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